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Your wellness is priority! a personal yoga program is provided just for you~ 


Private Yoga (single individual): $99             

A very effective way to start, enhance or deepen a practice is by working privately with a teacher.  1 on 1 sessions or private Yoga is representative of how Yoga was originally passed down - directly from master teachers to students.  Some benefits of Private Yoga include scheduling regular sessions at times most convenient to you, addressing a specific health issue like insomnia or lower back pain, or working towards mastering a challenging posture (like headstand or lotus). 

Private Yoga (group class): $- rate is dependent on number of people           

Practice yoga with your loved ones, friends or collleagues at your convenience.  Private group classes will accomodate you on a schedule that works for you.  As with the private sessions, classes can be customized to explore specific areas of interest, these classes can be done in our Studio or at your place of choice.  Another way to start, enhance or deepen a YOGA Practice.   

Yoga Stretch: $99 

Between stressful days, illness, and injury, recovery time between more demanding workouts, or at times when you don't feel like putting yourself through a strenuous workout is critical to advance overall fitness.  Yoga Stretch is a hands on stretching routine, a great way to exercise, stretch, and rejuvenate your body, without putting it through additional strain.  

Yoga Therapy: $99 

Our yoga therapy sessions will empower you to tune into your inner wisdom! You will be guided with contemporary dialogue techniques in the use of ancient yogic principles to achieve greater health and well being in all aspects of your life.  As you quiet the mind and listen without judgement, you will gain access to your body's wisdom.  Your renewed awareness will help in the release of underlying charged emotions mentally and physically which often manifests into stress, anxiety as well as chronic aches and pains in your body. 

PS: 24 Hr cancellation policy on all bookings.


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