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My Story

In ancient India holistic living was a way of life, people inherently understood the balance of nature, the ways of the Universe and how the elements affected not just their physical health but also their mental well-being. Today as a disciplined science, yoga encompasses all aspects of life, yoga helps to restore total health, it balances mind, body and spirit. My goal is to share Yoga's benefits with you, my "beyond the mat Yoga" program strives to deliver the best yoga instruction for my students.    

My message to you ~

My road to yoga, the study of the human body and search for ways towards better health and wellbeing started quite young for me.  This life long journey led to my dharma, my calling - to help people enhance the quality of their life through taking care of their bodies.

As a logical conclusion, I majored in Health and Sports Science.  For more than 20 years I worked as an executive in health and wellness, yoga teacher, private trainer, general health, and Life Coach.  Working with many clients (among them C.E.O'S and other executives, movie stars, music performers and other motivational coaches). Today, personal instruction still is my deep passion, I believe in the individuality of each person and this requires an individualistic approach to reach one’s potential.

My personal relationship with Yoga became confluent with my professional life some years ago when a collegue asked that I fill in for a teacher who had an emergency.  I was hooked! I was able to touch the  “whole individual” – the mind, the body and spirit. Prior to teaching, on the mat I had found the BALANCE to make peace with my own mind, a warm home for my spirit and an overwhelming strength for my body. Very soon after that first teaching experience I had incorporated Yoga into my work with my clients, achieving great success –among them were my professional athletes, discovering how Yoga was enhancing their performance in their sport.   

India was calling, yes indeed, incredible India, deep and high in the northern Himalayan Mountains.  How could I not mention the fact that if it weren’t for yoga, I wouldn’t have climbed the Himalayas! There I submerged myself in Yogic studies with Yoga Alliance approved 200 and 500 hrs RYT training programs. Yogic life and practice fascinates me, and today I continue to study with great dedication and a fire in my heart; that fire keeps me wanting more and more.  It’s funny, I never thought I'd end up teaching yoga, today I can't think of doing anything else! I feel that my life’s purpose is being fulfilled, offering my students the opportunity to experience something greater – balanced health, mental clarity, peace and well-being.  I sincerely encourage you to incorporate Yoga into your lives, sharing the experience with your family, work, and community.  And, hopefully make our world a better place. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                               For that of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  Come, let's journey together...   

                                                       ~ Om Tat Sat

                                                                                                      ~ Ananda


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